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Boarding is a great way to make some refurbishments on your property and even change the look of space dramatically. This is where we use wooden boards to close up a space. This can be a window, a closet, or even a hole that was made in the plaster from previous tenants.

At SeDa Interiors, we work hard to make sure you love the home or business that you are in. If you’re not happy with the current aesthetics, call to let us take a look.

You can talk over your ideas with us and we will make some recommendations on what can be done as well. Sometimes boarding can be the best way to fix up the space that you have and make a dramatic improvement.
Boarding service
Don’t focus on the negative of a home or business.

We have professionals who can choose the best boards and show you some of the other services that can be used to improve the space even further, such as painting and coving.

Within no time, we can have a room looking incredible – and there is no project too large or too small for us to handle.

It may be just what is needed so you can be happy with the space.

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